The Freedom CouncilAn Assembly of Business Leaders Fighting Human Trafficking

Purpose ofThe Freedom Council

The AFRJ® Freedom Council is an assembly of business leaders and global companies working to end human trafficking - together.

The council’s mission is to catalyze business engagement – alongside government, nonprofit, and community efforts - in ways that will impact millions of lives.

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Participating Companies

Metro Atlanta Chamber
Rotary International


Ashleigh S. ChapmanPresident/CEO

Shally PannikodeChair

May CollinsSecretary & Business Engagement Chair

Joe & Linda RoslanskyStudent Council Chairs

Matt KirkegaardIndividual Members Chair

Michelle DoyCommunications Chair

Bob MeierEvents Chair

Ashok NangiaInternational Chair

Nishi RainaTechnology Chair

Participating Members

Dhanashree Chakola, Anthem
May Collins, Humana
Crystal Crowley, Randstad
Sarah Detruit, Randstad
Michelle Doy, UST Global
Amer Ghattas, Deloitte
Steve Grissim, Rotary Int'l
Jamie Gunsior, PwC
Vadiraj Guttal, Infosys
Carren Hannon, Anthem
Dylan Horne, MAC
Alan John, Accenture
Matt Kirkegaard, Musician/Realtor
Estefania Lacayo, Co-Founder, LAFS
Deborah Leininger, Anthem
Rachel Lissak, Anthem
Dave McCleary, Rotary
Emma McVey, MAC
Sushil Meda, Accenture
Bob Meier, NASCO
Ashok Nangia, UST Global
Lilian Nykanen, Delta
Beth Olson, PwC
Shally Pannikode, Humana
Nishi Raina, Expedite, Inc.
Rosa Rodriguez, Chick-Fil-A
Rajeev Ronanki, Anthem
Joe Roslansky, DELL Technologies
Adam Satterfield, Global Payments
Abigail Wade, Anthem

Priority Projects

Tech Innovation

Together, we've supported the development of solutions and tools that are radically transforming the movement, including the Engage Together initiative & Justice U.

Business Engagement

We are catalyzing businesses everywhere to enhance their existing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to help end human trafficking.
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Target Cities

We are building comprehensive solutions for long-term engagement and support in target locations, including cities throughout the United States and India.

Student Council

We are supporting the next generation of justice advocates through our Student Council, a national group of high school students dedicated to awareness, action, and advocacy.
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India Initiative

With our partners on the ground, we are working to launch a pan-India business initiative to end human trafficking and prevent it by protecting those most vulnerable.
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