Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and JusticeFighting to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable.

How We Got HereOur Journey

The founding leadership of the AFRJ have collectively spent decades serving on behalf of those in very great need in our world. We have poured out our lives, energies, and expertise in service to the oppressed and vulnerable in many capacities.  And so our perspective is one that acknowledges the following truth:

Human trafficking does not have to exist in our world today.  But it will take a world of people to end it - including you.  And when we come together, miracles happen.

At the AFRJ, we are dedicated to building solutions and catalyzing collaborations that will increase the impact of the entire movement.  Every year, we support thousands of justice advocates and organizations in their work to care for souls in need.  And we do it all with a passionate commitment to our core values of excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

Strategic efforts on behalf of the oppressed:Our Initiatives

Freedom Council

Freedom Council

Mobilizes business leaders, global companies, and young professionals to join the fight through tech innovation, CSR expansion, and more.
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Global Network

Global Network

Supports a relational and vetted global community of justice advocates serving directly in the field by filling gaps in relationships, resources, solutions, and strategies. Learn More>>

Student Council

Student Council

Equips students to raise awareness, take action, and discover what it means to be a justice advocate for life. Learn More>>

Freedom Council

Justice U™

Provides online learning and digital certifications for justice advocates everywhere to increase their knowledge and impact on behalf of those in need.
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Engage Together

Engage Together®

Provides communities with the ideas, insights, tools, connections, and resources they need to collaborate across sectors to end and prevent human trafficking. Learn More>>

Since 2013We have directly assisted over 15,000 anti-trafficking organizations and justice advocates.

Since 2013AFRJ Impact Highlights

Since 2013, the AFRJ leadership team has directly assisted over 15,000 justice advocates in the field working to address human trafficking. On any given day, we are working with multiple organizations, on efforts ranging from: supporting rescue operations to strengthening restorative care programs, advising on national and state policies to helping local communities protect vulnerable populations, bridging knowledge gaps to mediating new partnerships. The AFRJ Global Network is multi-sector, multi-level, and supports the novice to the veteran advocate.  We are passionate about supporting justice advocates in the field.  Need help?  Contact us today.

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The AFRJ® is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization.

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