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What is Human Trafficking?

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Why Should Business Engage?

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How Do We Get Started?

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What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking Is

Modern Day Slavery

More Than50 Million Individuals Are Enslaved Worldwide

Traffickers Profit More than$150B
Every Year

Did You Know?

  • Human trafficking is modern slavery – for purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, or organ trafficking.
  • Human trafficking is present in nearly every nation on earth, and in every state in the United States.
  • Traffickers profit over $150 billion per year. In other words, in 2018, human traffickers made more money than Apple, JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo, and Google – combined.
  • There are 25 types of human trafficking present in the United States, in such industries as restaurant and food services, hotels and hospitality, commercial cleaning services, construction, health and beauty services, and more.
  • Victims include men, women, youth, children, and whole families.
  • There are presently over 50 million souls enslaved in the world today.

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Why Should Business Engage?

Human trafficking can be stopped – in the life of an individual, within each of our communities, and throughout the world.

The business community is uniquely positioned and can make significant impact.

For many years, the burden of combating human trafficking has rested nearly entirely on government and nonprofit efforts. It is time for the business community to join that fight – and to bring with it the innovation, resources, and excellence that are desperately needed to turn the tide.

Business is no longer just about managing the bottom line. Business leadership in the 21st century is about making the world a better place for everyone so they can also enjoy life – free of fear, abuse, and bondage.Tom Miller, Former SVP & CIO Anthem & Coca-Cola; Chairman, AFRJ® Board

Businesses in every sector can contribute to the fight against human trafficking. 

See some examples of how these businesses are engaging.


UPS has trained over 50K drivers to identify human trafficking, with partnering NGO Truckers against Trafficking, leading to an increase nationwide of reports to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Food and Beverage

Coca-Cola proactively worked to address and end human rights abuses and human trafficking in their supply chains, and are now working on new blockchain effort to help end labor trafficking everywhere.

Hotel and Hospitality

Marriot has trained over 500,000 staff globally how to identify human trafficking and developed protocols to rescue victims from trafficking situations.

Staffing Solutions

Randstad provides a pathway to success for survivors of human trafficking through their Hire Hope program to help survivors and at-risk individuals secure living wage jobs.

Air Travel

Delta provides training to their pilots, attendants, flight crews, and more; helps to raise awareness for their passengers; and donates SkyMiles to help relocate victims of human trafficking.

Why This Matters For My Organization

This issue is important to your employees & customers

With millions of individuals enslaved globally, and hundreds of the thousands exploited in United States, human trafficking is an issue that your employees and customers are deeply concerned with, and many are directly impacted by - in their families and communities.

Human trafficking affects your company & community

No nation and no community are immune to human trafficking.  And nearly every industry is impacted by it.  Whether global or local, large or small, your company is in position to identify and prevent it, to support survivors and service providers, and to engage both local and global efforts to end it.

Your involvement will attract, inspire, and retain talent

In addition to creating real and lasting change for good, your organization can create competitive advantage by engaging in social issues.

Make your commitment to end human trafficking part of your purpose brand that tells your clients and your prospective new hires that by joining and partnering with your organization, they are joining a purpose driven organization dedicated to making the world and their communities a better place.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Purpose Brands And Gen-Z

Learn the latest business strategy surrounding CSR and purpose brands in this Forbes article.
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Joining the fight to end human trafficking includes preventing it by serving vulnerable populations - which opens up a world of opportunities for your company and employees to engage.

Why This Matters For My Team Members

No matter your industry or profession, you and your colleagues can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking.Ashleigh Chapman, Human Rights Lawyer & AFRJ Pres/CEO

To see just a few examples, check out the example stories below.

Emergency Medicine Profile

Kathryn, an ER nurse takes action to rescue a victim of human trafficking using good strategy and protocol...


Business Owner

Miguel, a business owner, trains his team on human trafficking and develops response protocols...


Business Traveler Profile

Molly, a business traveler, knows what to do to recognize and report human trafficking during her travels....


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  • Come alongside those already serving those in need, or
  • Create something new to fill a gap.
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Businesses are in a unique position to use their influence and resources to make an impactful difference in the fight against human trafficking. And when businesses come together, that impact is exponential.Shally Pannikode, EVP & Chief Information Officer, GRS at Liberty Mutual Insurance & Chair, AFRJ Freedom Council

The AFRJ® Freedom Council is an assembly of business leaders and global companies working to end human trafficking—together.

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